Quand la vie défile

Jean-Claude Poitras

Quand la vie défile

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By the author Jean-Claude Poitras
ISBN: 9782761950541
Release date: October 2018
Subject: History and heritage
Number of pages: 200 pages
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Inhabited by an inexhaustible passion and a deep duty of memory, Jean-Claude Poitras offers itself as a guide to take us around the history of Quebec fashion, from the 1950s to the present day. An actor in the field, he takes a fresh and inspiring look at seven decades that have seen him grow and evolve as a designer. Behind the scenes of this unparalleled industry, the designer takes us to the other side of the looking glass and takes stock of the greatness, the defeats and the hours of glory of a world that is constantly reinventing and redefining itself. Beyond clichés, his sensitive pen weaves a story that pays homage to the pioneers, designers, manufacturers, retailers and artisans of a fascinating universe.